No matter your hobby, it CAN help kids facing summer hunger.

During the summer, when schools are closed, it can be a real strain on a family’s budget to provide additional meals for hungry kids.

When Terri couldn’t afford food for her kids, she says she “felt like a bad mother.”

Terri and her children.

Like many families in Northern Illinois, Terri relies on school meals to help keep her children nourished.

We can’t let children here go hungry. We have a plan to Solve Summer Hunger. But we need your commitment to help!

Start by challenging yourself to engage with your hobby more passionately than EVER!

Need some examples? Well, if you love…

  • … Walking, maybe you promise to walk 30 miles (or maybe 100 if you’re thinking big!) in July! Bring Fido along if you’re a dog lover.
  • … Mini golfing, perhaps you challenge yourself to play a different putt-putt course every week.
  • … Swimming, you might perfect your personal best lap time, or visit 10 new pools this summer with the kids!
  • … Bowling, you might try to total a certain number of pins or record your first “turkey!”
  • … Being outdoors, perhaps you visit each park in your city, or try 20 new trails within your forest preserve, or do a different activity a week with the family, like kayaking, archery, or geocaching.

Once you decide… It’s time to email Elliot at [email protected]!

Let him know how you’re going to participate, and he’ll set you up with everything you need.

Finally: Tell all your friends and family that you are committing to challenging yourself to help Solve Summer Hunger, and you need their support!

Invite them to contribute to your cause by helping you raise at least $242. Why $242? Because that is the Food Bank’s approximate cost to provide a child with lunch for the summer.

It might seem daunting to raise that, but once you get started you’ll find it to be far simpler than you imagined. We encourage you to share photos along your journey to share the fun and raise awareness. Contact Elliot to get started today!