March 2, 2023 | Neighbors

Healthy Foods – And A Taste of Home

What are you hungry for? Rice cakes and seaweed? Masala marinade? In our diverse communities, our neighbors derive nourishment and cultural connections from a wide variety of foods. Which means, at Northern Illinois Food Bank, we need to make sure the shelves are stocked with foods that are culturally appropriate for all of the neighbors we serve.

So, we do polling. We rely on research and census data. And we invest in communication, education and outreach—encouraging our food pantries to learn more about the cultures they are serving, the holidays they are celebrating, and the foods people are asking for.

Thank goodness for our wonderful partners! One food donor is now helping keep us stocked with rice cakes, seaweed, and fish sauce. Another is supplying chili pods, tofu, and masa flour. And a local produce vendor is supplying delicacies like mangoes, jalapenos, and Mexican squash. Local farmers are even stepping up and growing some amazing new crops!

We don’t all eat the same foods. But we all share a commitment to feeding our neighbors and ending hunger in our communities. The more we stock the shelves with healthy, appropriate, and culturally affirming foods, the more we help make sure no one goes hungry. Thanks for all you do to support our work!