Skills-Based Volunteering


What is a Skills-Based Volunteer?

A Skills-Based Volunteer is anyone who wants to use their unique skills to help the Food Bank or our network member food pantries in our goal of solving hunger. We are looking for volunteers who want to use their professional and general life skills to benefit the Food Bank and our food pantries. We have a variety of projects at multiple locations to help you find a project in which you may use your unique skills.

Office volunteers are needed for specific tasks

Office volunteers are needed for specific tasks.

Projects can include tending a garden


How can I become a Skills-Based Volunteer?

If you are already a volunteer with Northern Illinois Food Bank, login and update your profile. If you haven’t volunteered before, create a new profile. In your profile, scroll down to the bottom and answer “yes” to the question “Do you want to be a Skills-Based Volunteer?” and then check the skills that most closely match your strengths.  Your information will be made available to food pantries within the Food Bank’s service area that will have access to invite you to projects based on the requirements of their project.

Feel free to browse available projects and apply for them directly.

If you would like to talk to someone about your skills and our available projects, contact Shannon Thompson – email or call 630-443-6910 ext. 125.

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