Grain Curriculum


Lesson One: Corn Salsa

Making a tasty salsa is a great way for children to eat their grains!

Star grain: Corn


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Lesson One Leader Guide | Lesson One Student Activity | Lesson One Grocery List | Lesson One Student Feedback

Lesson Two: Pasta

Whole Grain Pasta is a good source of Vitamin B, which gives the body energy.

Star grain: Pasta


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Lesson Two Leader Guide | Lesson Two Student Activity | Lesson Two Grocery List | Lesson Two Student Feedback

Lesson Three: Oatmeal Bites

These no-bake bites are a good source of fiber, which helps fight hunger.

Star grain: Oatmeal


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Lesson Three Leader Guide | Lesson Three Student Activity | Lesson Three Grocery List | Lesson Three Student Feedback

Lesson Four: Rice Rolls

Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, which helps to keep strong bones.

Star grain: Rice


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Lesson Four Leader Guide | Lesson Four Student Activity | Lesson Four Grocery List | Lesson Four Student Feedback

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