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Soenke and Susan Petersen Fred and Kathleen Bauters Daniel and Andrea Green Sam MecciaLinda and Bryan Coughlin Robert and Maria Peterson Douglas and Claudia Beckmann Leonard Hall Ted MemmoliDana and Shelly Crowley Jeffrey and Michele Phillips Steve and Tammy Benner Zachary Hall Mushtaq and Sandra MerchantRich Degrush Matthew and Erica Posthuma Michael and Judith Bernard Todd Halperin John MerrittCarl and Lora DeMasi Katherine Puffer The Blazier Family Madeline Halpern Shirley MessersmithGuy and Mary DeRosa Frederick Radloff and Marilyn Smilie Merriman Boylan Aman and Manisha Handa Bruce MillerDoyle Family Fund Mary and John Rayis Michael Boyna Mary and Curtis Handley Vernon MillerDiane and Gerald Elbin Peter and Linda Reimers Traci and Nathan Breen James Hanslik Chintan and Marilyn MistryFrank and Mary Erlain Eileen and Timothy Rico Chad and Sheri Brizzee James Harpold Constance MleckoJames Erman and Lidia Vitello Nick and Patricia Rolfe Charles and Elizabeth Brock David Hegg Kenneth and Judith MooreJohn and Sharon Felsenthal Saul Rosenberg and Robin Richard and Martha Brown Tobias and Franca Hekster Maydene and Christopher MooreCindy and David Flitman Mendel-Rosenberg Daniel Brummel Paul and Nancy Herbert Cindy and Miguel CaceresMike and Emily Foley Richard and Grace Rothrock Ann Brzezinski Thomas Herriford Mary K. Moreland and Daniel T. JenksAlan and Nancy Gambrel Linda and Don Rourke Christopher and Julie Budde Rosalie Hewitt John MorrisseyNancy Gensky and Kelvin Roth David and Midge Schafer James and Jennifer Burke Richard and Rachel Hoblin Gene and Mary MorrissyJohn and Deborah Gerken Darrell and DeLaine Schmitz Kevin and Lori Burns Kyle Holen Mulholland Family FundRobert and Cheryl Gilhooley Gregory and Laura Schweitzer Elizabeth Burtt Steve and Meghan Hoxmeier John and Deborah MullerAnne H. Gorham Barbara Sennello Pete and Lisa Byer David and Carol Hurrle Scott NemecMadhu and Seema Gorla Upendra and Sonal Shah James and Laurel Cady Rodney Irey Frank and Mary NitschLori Graham Becky Sikora Mario and Elizabeth Cairo Jerome Januszewski Kenneth NumerowskiScot Greenlee Jeff and Toni Slepak Sharon Canter Richard and Irene Jarocinski Debra OlsonMichael and Maureen Grosdidier Betsy Smith Marc and Wilma Carmichael Richard and Carolyn John Robert and Donna O'TooleJon and Marsha Habegger Frank and April Smith Edward and Jayne Carpenter Karen and Michael Joyce Mark and Cindy OwenIlan Hurtado Ann and Robert Soderstrom Rob Chana John and Elizabeth Julia J. Michael and Ann PattersonScott and Julia Hamilton Michael and Krista Sorensen Sandra and Juan Chavez Debra Kamien Margaret PattersonAzra Haque Donald and Joyce St. Clair Jeffrey Chernick and Lynn Zeitler William and Dorothy Kaminski John and Kristine PetroMarguerite Hark Jeffrey and Laura Stetson Helen Christ Daniel Kastholm Linda PicchiottinoLynn Hayden Michael Stieber and Nancy Hart Edward and Choonie Cladek Katherine Kehoe Lawrence and Shelley PilonMartin Hebda Susan Swiss Clesen Smith Giving Fund Kelly Family Thomas PisarczykLodi Heiser and Doug Michels John L. Trankina Troy Collins Christine and Thomas Kelly Julie and Paul PokornyNicholas J. Hentges J Tryti Jeffrey and Marilyn Connor Shannon Kelly Judith PorterDesmond and Debra Herbert Nancy Valenta Mary Convery Annette and Robert Kenney Rose PowellKim Holmes and Tim Kaczocha Thomas and Rebecca Vander Veen Steven and MaryAnn Cook Frederic Klein and Frieda Jacobs Jamie PrenevostMary Ellen Holstein Gary and Nina Vanderpoel Christopher Coordes Andrew Klemm C. Michael ReeseRobert and Aimee Hombach Lynne Waldeland David Wang and Beth Coughlin Tom and Patty Knoblauch Tess ReinhardSuzanne and David Horvath Charles and Nancy Wallace Christine Courtnage Sonja Laughlin Koenig Marianne ReinischHarry and Marie Hostetler Gideon Warne Jack and Ellen Cress Jeannette Koops Barbara RenbargerAndrew and Elizabeth Hull Robert C. Webber Donald and Michele Cronin Nicholas Korwin Anthony and Laura RestainoGeorge and Patricia Karwatzki Sylvia and Kenneth Weger Joseph D'Amico Andrew and Susan Kramer Mark and Gina RiefkePriscilla Keefer Stephen and Janelle Whitney Anthony and Lawrie Dean Tim Krauskopf Donald RisserEmily Kessler Robert and Suzanne Wieseneck Timothy and Judith Delaney Michael and Linda Kuehl Barton RitcheyJohn and Jeanne Kett Rebecca and Charles Wilde Douglas and Dorothy Dirks Andrew Kwintiuk Dan and Debby RoanJohn and Susan Kobza Janet Winter Charles and Ruth Dow Dale A. Kyser Maribeth RobertiCarol Korzen Gary Withall Art Duncan Michael Labib Douglas and Margaret RobinsonMartin and Sandra Kroll Sandra Wunderlich Jack Dunk Joseph and Marisue Lacher Stephena Cook RomanoffShelley Kuehneman Lawrence Yoo & Jessica Delaney Brian Duwe John Landis Peggy and George RothGreg and Karen Kuppler Donor Advised Fund William and Jane Ellefson Kurt Laning and Carol Bier-Laning Russ and Julie RothenfluhDevalina Law The Yurko Family Gregory Entrekin Christine Lanum Shaw Patricia and Daniel RoushLeFort-Martin Family Fund Dennis Erwin Denien and Frank Larson William RoweCraig and Monette Leva Joe Espinosa Timothy and Margaret Laughlin Mary RuddPeter and Karen Linde Neenah Fairbairn William and Laura LaVanne Bernard and Karen RudnikWilliam C. Lindsay Mark and Cheri Farina Thomas Leibold Roger Saltzman and Kathy KossarisSteven and Barbara Lippai Andrew and Julia Faville Franklin and Deborah Leibow Daniel SawczukShirley Mann and James Swartz David and Karen Fennell Stephen Lhotka Karen and John SchambergerScott and Christine Matott Patricia Fera Bruce and Joyce Liker Terry SchenkenbergThomas and Lynn Fisher McCanne Margaret and James Fletcher Don and Diane Lincoln Stephen and C. Darby SchoopJerry and Susan McCreight Irene Fox Greg and Margaret Linder William SchorschNORTHERN ILLINOIS FOOD BANK FISCAL YEAR 2020 ANNUAL REPORT 9"