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You Provide Nutritious Food & Comfort

12/Mar/16 / 03:19

Your support of Northern Illinois Food Bank provides thousands of hungry neighbors with fresh, nutritious food. In fact, nearly two-thirds of food distributed fits into the category of Foods to Encourage – including whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.


This commitment to providing nutritious food is especially appreciated by LaChrista, a mother of children between the ages of 1 and 14 who along with her husband is raising their family on a vegetarian diet. We met LaChrista at Salvation Army Food Pantry in DeKalb, where she expressed gratitude in knowing she doesn’t have to compromise her family’s healthy lifestyle just because she and her husband are struggling to make ends meet.


“We try to eat mostly organic, but that can be expensive,” LaChrista said. “It helps being able to come to the food pantry to see what’s here and what fruits and vegetables are available.”


As LaChrista made her way through the aisles of the food pantry with her two youngest children in tow, she filled her shopping cart with pasta, rice, baby spinach and arugula, fruit cups, blackberries, dried cranberries and hummus.


LaChrista’s eyes lit up as she selected organic ground flaxseed for her and her husband and organic grape fruit bites for their kids.


LaChrista and her husband moved to DeKalb three years ago from the south suburbs of Chicago. Her husband works, but his income isn’t enough to cover the family’s expenses. LaChrista hopes to soon find part-time employment, but for now she is grateful for the resources available in the community.


“It can definitely be hard to make ends meet,” LaChrista said. “It helps give you peace of mind knowing these programs are here.”


Because of the support of Food Bank volunteers and donors, LaChrista and her family are able to find a degree of comfort.


How You Can Help:

  • Donate to stock the cupboard with fresh produce for a neighbor in your community, every $1 donated provides $8 worth of food.
  • Volunteer at one of our Centers sorting and packing food
  • Follow us on Social Media – FacebookTwitter or Instagram


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