8.2018_montserrat story blog

Making a difference in 6th grader Montserrat’s life

31/Aug/18 / 06:00

Montserrat has a lot to look forward to right now. She turns 11 this month, and she’s starting sixth grade! And — thanks to you — she’ll have the nutrition she needs to thrive.   We met up with Montserrat and Sonya at the food pantry at St. Mary’s of Vernon Catholic Church, a member […]

8.2018_HAM kickoff blog

HAM 2018 – Take action this September!

24/Aug/18 / 06:00

Every September, we join food banks across the country in Hunger Action Month (HAM) – a national initiative, established by Feeding America, designed to mobilize the public to take action on the issue of hunger. With the help of the caring members of our communities, we’re raising awareness for those who struggle with hunger and […]

8.2018_east aurora school pantry blog

After-school pantry provides take-home food to students

10/Aug/18 / 06:00

It’s a busy Thursday afternoon at East Aurora High School, just before the bell rings to signal the end of the school day. A dozen volunteers have brought out mobile racks of food—frozen chicken breasts, potatoes, hummus, bread—into the wide hallway outside the cafeteria. It must be Student Food Day.   It may seem strange […]

7.2018_fruit infographic blog

How to pick out the perfect fruit

03/Aug/18 / 06:00

Looks can be deceiving when you’re picking out the perfect piece of fruit for a healthy snack or flavorful treat. Texture and color aren’t always an accurate indicator of how a fruit will taste. For example, that picture-perfect green watermelon may look appealing, but it won’t be as sweet as the watermelon with a yellow/beige […]

7.2018_MOTM blog

‘Meals on the Move’ makes a difference

26/Jul/18 / 12:15

We met Krystal and her boys Elijah, 6, and Josiah 3, on a warm, sunny day at Blackhawk Park in Aurora during the Food Bank’s summer Meals on the Move distribution.   They were there with Krystal’s sister Maria, her daughter Adriana and other family members. While the kids ate excitedly, Krystal shares they are […]

7.2018_summer bbq blog

Easy Recipes for Your Summer BBQ

20/Jul/18 / 06:00

Make the most of the summer sunshine by enjoying these quick and easy recipes from the amazing nutritionists, health educators and chefs from across the country at Feeding America network food banks, including Northern Illinois Food Bank. These healthy and delicious meals will introduce adventurous new ingredients into your cooking routine!   Appetizer: Cantaloupe Salsa […]

7.2018_healthier community blog

Growing a Healthier Community

06/Jul/18 / 06:00

As a volunteer for the Luke 3:11 Share Center – a food pantry served by Northern Illinois Food Bank – Rachel Fahrenbach was excited about the prospect of hosting a community garden for people they serve. The pantry had been approached by the Food Bank about participating in its Garden Connect Program, which encourages people […]

6.2018_we care grundy county blog

Community is center stage at We Care of Grundy County

29/Jun/18 / 16:49

On the corner of Bedford Road and Union Street in Morris, IL sits an unassuming one-story brick building with two windows and doors facing the main street. Above the doors hangs a burgundy and white sign whose logo and message of just two words – We Care – attract attention in a way the building […]

6.2018_8 habits food waste blog

8 Habits for Reducing Waste in the Kitchen

22/Jun/18 / 06:00

Reducing food waste in the kitchen, like most things, is all about creating good habits. Food waste isn’t just about tossing your leftovers or buying more than you can eat, it’s the little bits of food here and there that go unnoticed that really add up. Here are 8 small habits that can make a […]

6.2018_summer recipes blog

Garden fresh summer recipes

15/Jun/18 / 06:00

As temperatures climb, we’re eager to take advantage of the sunshine and all summer has to offer. If you’ve prepared the soil and are patiently waiting for seeds to sprout and buds to blossom, or just getting your garden ready now (we recommend buying plants at the store for a head start!), soon you’ll be […]