2020 Summer Food Service Program Application

Scroll down to fill out the 2020 SFSP application. The application must be filled out by every program prior to program start up.


When filling out the application: 

  • You cannot save your work and come back later, so make sure you have as much information about your program as possible before you begin.
  • If there are a few answers you don’t know yet, you can always email us later to fill in the blanks. To help you know what information you will need, I am attaching a sample copy of the fields that will need to be filled out on the application.
  • Once started, you can go back and forth within the document and you won’t lose any of your work as long as you don’t close out of the application. Nearly all questions are “required”, so you will not be able to move forward until all required fields are met.
  • Once you’ve electronically signed and submitted your application we will send you a summary of your responses for your records.
  • There is room for comments at the end of each page. Please feel free to give us more information or explain something in this space.

Applications are due MAY 1 , 2020 to guarantee requested start date!

The sooner we receive your application, the better to start program on time!  Any applications received after MAY 1 will have a delayed start date!