Senior finds support at local food pantry

31/May/19 / 08:00

At his age, Richard should be relaxing and enjoying retirement. Instead, he’s still working hard at a local boarding house as an off-season manager and caregiver for the property. Yet despite his dedicated work ethic, Richard struggles to make ends meet – a struggle that is only exacerbated by his health issues.
Richard shared that over the years he’s had trouble controlling his diabetes and managing hypertension. Between utility bills, prescriptions and other expenses, affording the nutritious groceries he needs to fill his plate with healthy meals isn’t always possible.
Fortunately, he knows where to turn: M.O.R.E. Center, a community organization near his home in Marengo that offers a food pantry and other support services. Here, he can find a variety of fresh groceries – including wholesome fruits and vegetables – to support his health.
“It’s been a help,” Richard says of the food pantry. “Every little bit helps!”
Richard’s story is not an uncommon one – many seniors can’t afford to live on a limited fixed income, instead continuing to work exhausting jobs as they grow older. Yet more than 5.5 million seniors like Richard still face hunger in the United States.(1)
That’s why Northern Illinois Food Bank is working to solve senior hunger: so that all of our senior neighbors have access to the nutritious food they need, each and every day.
Help seniors like Richard stay healthy and strong, no matter their age – donate today!

How You Can Help:


  • Volunteer at one of our Centers in Geneva, Rockford, Park City, or Joliet sorting and packing food
  • Donate to help us solve hunger in your community – every $1 donated helps provide $8 of groceries.



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(1)“Senior Hunger in the United States.” Feeding America