Grapes and Orange Juice a Winning Combination for Young Sisters

17/Oct/16 / 00:23

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Eva Kay recently visited the Minooka Bible Church food pantry with her granddaughter, Grace. Grace is an energetic little girl with curly hair and purple glasses that frame her cute face.
Eva currently resides with her daughter, Kristy, to help take care of Grace and her 10- year old sister, Allison while Kristy works. Kristy struggles to stretch her dollars to last the entire month. By accessing the food pantry, the family is able to use money that would go toward food purchases for other necessities. “It’s a tremendous help,” says Eva Kay.
Grace was extremely excited to visit the treat table and select a cake, however Eva was especially excited about the fresh fruits and vegetables. Allison was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and affording foods necessary for her diet is a challenge.
On this day, there were grapes available pleasing Eva as they are so expensive at grocery stores. Because the pantry had an oversupply of orange juice, clients were encouraged to take as much as they needed. This was a real delight for the family. Eva said the girls really like orange juice and it fits Allison’s diabetic diet which is a huge plus. Eva gives the girls orange juice for breakfast and it doubles as an after-school snack.
When asked what she would say to donors, she got tears in her eyes saying, “Thank you very much, it really helps. My grandkids are going to be excited about the grapes. It’s a blessing.”