School pantry provides easy way for families to get groceries

26/Aug/19 / 21:06

It’s a sunny, warm day at Carpentersville Middle School – sidewalk chalk doodles are scrawled across the asphalt, coloring books mingle with blocks of all sizes in large plastic bins, and the sound of laughter from excited voices fill the air, as children play under the watchful eyes of their parents. These families are waiting […]

The effects of hunger on children’s health

05/Aug/19 / 20:19

In the state of Illinois, nearly half a million children don’t know where their next meal is coming from – including more than 130,000 children living in Northern Illinois.(1)   Research shows that food insecurity has negative health consequences for individuals of any age, and can lead to Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart […]

Produce helps keep family happy and healthy

26/Jul/19 / 08:00

Fruits and vegetables aren’t always the go-to snack for kids, especially if they’re picky eaters. But parents know how important it is to ensure growing children have enough healthy food.   Just ask Mercedes, a mother of two young girls. “It’s nice to have [them] experience new fresh fruits,” she said, sharing that while her […]

Using SNAP benefits at your local farmers market

23/Jul/19 / 17:44

During the sunny summer months, farmers markets pop up all over Northern Illinois, bringing an abundance of fresh, local produce to convenient community locations. From squash to strawberries, tomatoes to turnips, and everything in between, the fruits and vegetables found at farmers markets make for colorful and nutritious additions to any meal.   While this […]

Make the most of your summer produce

19/Jul/19 / 17:42

Northern Illinois Food Bank is dedicated to providing nutritious meals to all of our neighbors in need – and we know that fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why nearly 23 percent of the food we distribute throughout our service area is produce.   During the summer, produce is in […]

Mobile pantry helps feed family during the summer

05/Jul/19 / 18:45

Meet Kyren. He’s 10 years old, an only child, and just finished his first year at a new school.   His mom, Kira, works part-time as a dietary specialist in a nursing home, and full-time as a single parent. She doesn’t get to work as many hours as she’d like, but is grateful to have […]

Celebrating all things dairy

27/Jun/19 / 16:00

Every June, there are many reasons for celebration: the end of another school year, the official start of summer with the longest day of the year, and sunny skies ushering in warm weather. Here at the Food Bank, we’re also celebrating all things dairy … because it’s National Dairy Month!   National Dairy Month started […]

Helping kids have a worry-free summer

19/Jun/19 / 19:09

For many kids, summer means it’s time for weeks on end of fun in the sun: swimming, popsicles, playing outside, and more. But for others, there’s a less sunny side to summer break.   When the school year ends, so does access to nutritious meals for many children in our community who participate in the […]

Follow the food: behind the scenes of solving hunger

11/Jun/19 / 20:38

Across the country, food banks, food pantries, and other community organizations are working tirelessly to solve hunger in their communities. But how do all of these different pieces of the puzzle come together to provide meals for neighbors in need? That’s exactly what Northern Illinois Food Bank supporters discovered on Saturday, May 4 during our […]

Senior finds support at local food pantry

31/May/19 / 08:00

At his age, Richard should be relaxing and enjoying retirement. Instead, he’s still working hard at a local boarding house as an off-season manager and caregiver for the property. Yet despite his dedicated work ethic, Richard struggles to make ends meet – a struggle that is only exacerbated by his health issues.   Richard shared […]