Creative ways to celebrate this summer

04/Jul/20 / 14:54

Happy Fourth of July! Today is usually a day spent celebrating with friends and family at parades, barbecues and firework shows. This year, our celebrations might look a little different, but our festivities can still be just as fun!   Here are some creative ways to celebrate Independence Day this year:   Enjoy an outdoors […]

How to get groceries with SNAP

26/May/20 / 23:16

Everyone deserves to have access to fresh and nutritious groceries. But here at the Food Bank, we know our neighbors may face many challenges to putting food on the table, from competing expenses to unexpected bills.   One way to stretch your budget further is to get groceries using SNAP. Here’s more about what SNAP […]

At local food pantry: ‘We’re here to take care of you’

09/May/20 / 08:00

From the far end of DuPage Township Food Pantry’s shopping area, Zully – a regular Thursday volunteer – has a unique view of the produce tables, refrigerated section, shelves of cereal and canned goods, multi-tiered dessert display, and rows of bread. After all, her first view of the pantry came from the other side of […]

Volunteer sees impact of coronavirus on neighbors

13/Apr/20 / 06:00

When Tammy finished nursing school in December, she knew 2020 would bring many new and exciting changes: taking the state licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN), transitioning into the health care industry after two-plus decades working in finance, and more. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Suddenly, previously-made plans were derailed for Tammy and […]

How to help during the coronavirus crisis

07/Apr/20 / 21:57

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to disrupt day-to-day life for millions of people in the U.S. and around the world, the Food Bank is still open and working hard to meet the needs of our neighbors. People throughout our 13-county service area are counting on us to provide nutritious food; as long as we […]

Plant-based protein and where to find it

20/Mar/20 / 06:00

From everyday dinner staples like chicken, beef, pork and fish to more specialty meats such as venison, turkey and lamb, there is seemingly no end when it comes to animal protein sources. But what about plant-based protein?   For many people who follow a vegan, vegetarian or other ‘plant-based diet’ – where the primary source […]

Solving hunger through advocacy

06/Mar/20 / 23:51

Here at the Food Bank, we know that hunger affects everyone – men, women, children, seniors, families and individuals. We also know that hunger is a non-partisan issue that affects people in every county and congressional district in the United States.(1) As the leader of hunger relief in our 13-county service area, the Food Bank is […]

Market serves multi-generational family

14/Feb/20 / 06:00

At first glance, Ralph and Linda appear to be exact opposites. He is tall and quick to deliver a joke, while she is shorter and more serious. But beyond appearances, this husband-and-wife pair is united in their love for their family – and their gratitude for how the Food Bank is making a difference in […]

Heart Healthy Recipes

04/Feb/20 / 06:00

These delicious dishes will warm your heart in more ways than one! Get creative with healthy recipes your heart – and taste buds – will thank you for. GRILLED VEGGIE WRAP This Recipe Serves 4   Ingredients 1 Tablespoon Oil (Such as olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc.) Salt and Pepper to taste 1 […]

Food pantry helps provide relief for local seniors

13/Jan/20 / 15:22

Ed, age 81, is doggedly resilient.   In 1939, a few years after he was born, he contracted polio. It didn’t stop him.   “The doctors said I’d never walk again … but oh yes I did!” he says with a smile.   When the polio vaccine came out in the 1950s, Ed was there. […]