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Solving senior hunger in Northern Illinois

18/May/19 / 11:55

In Northern Illinois, we know that hunger is here and hunger is real. It’s in our hometowns. It affects men, women, children and seniors of all ages and backgrounds in our community.   But we also know that hunger can be an overlooked problem – especially for our senior neighbors.   According to Feeding America, […]

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South Suburban Center celebrates first anniversary

03/May/19 / 08:00

Northern Illinois Food Bank is celebrating the first anniversary of its South Suburban Center in Joliet – the beautiful, 18,000-square-foot facility that has enabled us to better serve our neighbors in need and our 175 member agencies in Will, Grundy, Kendall and Kankakee Counties.   Here’s a quick roundup of the South Suburban Center’s first […]

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Volunteers share our Whole Body Approach

26/Apr/19 / 21:33

Volunteers make solving hunger possible in so many ways, in and outside the warehouse! To explore how our volunteers are making a difference out in the community, we interviewed two of the amazing health educators teaching our Whole Body Approach to Wellness (WBA) Program, which was started in 2015 as a joint venture between the […]

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Everyday ways to fight food waste

22/Apr/19 / 20:16

In Northern Illinois and throughout the United States, we know there is enough food to fill the plates and bellies of each and every one of our neighbors – and yet $218 billion worth of food is thrown away each year(1). In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that over one-third of all […]

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Saving kids’ health – mental and physical

12/Apr/19 / 19:36

Heather, age 32, is the mother of four children — three boys and one girl between the ages of one and ten. Her family lives in Bradley, but today she is visiting Merchant Street Food Pantry in Kankakee.   “I try to come every other week,” she says, brushing her blonde hair out of her […]

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Interview with Chef Jen: Nutrition for our neighbors

22/Mar/19 / 20:15

We sat down with Jen Lamplough, our Director of Nutrition Programs and Executive Chef here at the Food Bank. Check out what she has to say about nutrition, food insecurity, and the Food Bank!   What does the Food Bank do to encourage or ensure proper nutrition for our neighbors?   That’s a long answer. […]

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Fridays with the BackPack program

14/Mar/19 / 21:06

At Taylor Park Elementary School, Friday afternoons mean something special to fifteen local families – and not just the end of another week. Friday is when their children pick up a blue wheeled backpack full of nutritious food to bring home for the weekend.   Taylor Park is one of a handful of schools in […]

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Finding support through medical challenges

22/Feb/19 / 06:00

Out of the more than half a million people served by Northern Illinois Food Bank each year, 62 percent face the difficult and sometimes nigh-on impossible choice of whether to pay for food or medical care with their limited income.   Take Ernie, for example. After a sudden death event in 2010 left him with […]

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A little bit of kindness goes a long way

15/Feb/19 / 16:23

Our daily lives can be filled with hustle and bustle – things like work, school, family life, traveling, and other commitments can make the hours fly by in a blur. But at the end of the day, what we tend to remember most are the little things: a free refill at our favorite coffee shop, […]

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Go bananas for these healthy treats

08/Feb/19 / 06:00

Let your special someone know you love them bunches by surprising them with a healthy treat! The recipes below featuring bananas are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.   On their own, bananas are a great source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. Potassium promotes cardiovascular health, helping your heart to beat […]