8 In-Season Recipes for Spring

20/Mar/16 / 21:37

Winter’s finally over! That means increasingly warmer weather, blooming flowers and trees – and lots of delicious produce available at groceries and farmers’ markets.


Buying produce that’s in season has a variety of benefits – including lower prices than out-of-season fruits and veggies and sometimes even better flavor.


March, April and May bring a variety of fruits and vegetables into season – the United States Department of Agriculture has a list here. Below, we’ve rounded up several recipes featuring in-season spring ingredients from local Chicago-area bloggers. Enjoy!



Apricots are a sweet way to end a meal – or, they can be the basis for a sweet breakfast. Food blog A Beautiful Plate gives step-by-step instructions on creating Challah French Toast with Roasted Apricots, Vanilla Mascarpone and Toasted Almonds.



Fresh, flavorful asparagus is a treat – and it can really amp up a quinoa salad. The Kids’ Table blog suggests this Minty Asparagus Quinoa Salad, featuring purple asparagus, parmesan and garlic.



Those early spring nights can be chilly, so warm up with a bowl of broccoli soup. UrbanChickpea.com’s recipe for Creamy Broccoli Soup is a vegan take on the comfort classic.



Sunday brunch on a sunny spring day is the perfect time to try A Squared’s Ham and Mushroom Strata. It’s a hearty dish featuring eggs, French bread, cheese and fresh herbs for an extra pop of flavor.


Sugar Snap Peas and Radishes

Lottie and Doof’s Sugar Snap Salad recipe combines two veggies that are in season in the springtime: sugar snap peas and radishes. Olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice and feta help to round out this light, crunchy salad.


Rhubarb and Strawberries

Here’s another two-fer! Use in-season rhubarb and strawberries for Whipped’s Rhubarb Strawberry Cobbler. Serve a warm helping over some ice cream or with some whipped cream for a delicious dessert.



There are always the go-tos for spinach: salads and dips. But if you want something a little outside the box, you might want to try Spinach Boereg. According to Sayat-Nova, Spinach Boereg is an authentic Armenian appetizer featuring spinach and cheese encased in a crispy triangular phyllo shell.


Swiss Chard

We round out our springtime produce tour of Chicago blogs with this Swiss Chard & Onion Frittata from the Marta in Chicago blog. This egg-based brunch favorite is full of fresh flavors, including the Swiss chard and onions, along with parsley, basil, garlic and Parmesan and Gruyere cheeses.


Buying produce in season can be a great way to save money on produce – and to keep fresh fruits and veggies on your family’s plates.

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