5 Hacks to Easily Peel Difficult Fruits and Veggies

23/Jun/16 / 18:27

Preparing meals at home can be a rewarding – and delicious – experience. But there are some stubborn fruits and vegetables that can take a lot of time to prepare. Below, we have gathered tips on how to more easily peel five fruits and vegetables, so you can get a meal on the table more quickly.


Peel a Kiwi with a Spoon

Kiwi fruit is a sweet addition to fruit salads, but that furry skin sure likes to cling to the green flesh. How are you supposed to get it off without destroying the fruit? Do you use a peeler? A knife? Well, you may just be able to use a spoon, according to MomPulse. Simply cut off the ends and insert the spoon in between the fruit and the peel. The video below has step-by-step instructions.


Peel a Mango Using a Glass

Mangoes are a treat packed with vitamins C and A. While their juicy, light flavor makes them a delicious snack or addition to salsa or other recipes, for the uninitiated, they can be a real pain to chop. How do you remove the thick skin from the soft fruit without damaging it? How do you work around the large pit in the middle? The Domestic Geek suggests cutting two large sections of fruit off, and then using a glass to scoop the flesh from the skin.

One secret: You want to make sure the mango is ripe before you try this. Mango.org says that the color doesn’t indicate the ripeness. Rather, you should squeeze the mango, and if it gives a little, it’s ripe. If it’s not ripe yet, you can put the mango in a paper bag at room temperature for a few days until it is.


Peel a Tomato

Unlike that of kiwis or mangoes, the skin of tomatoes is usually eaten. But sometimes, recipes for soups or sauces may require you to peel them. How do you separate that thin skin from the tomato’s flesh? It’s easy! According to A Thrifty Mom, just put your tomato into boiling water for a few seconds, until the skin loosens. Use tongs to remove the tomato from the hot water and plunge it into a bowl of ice until it’s cool enough to handle. Then, simply pull off the skin.


Peel a Potato – Without the Peeler

Peeling a bunch of potatoes for dishes like mashed potatoes or soup can be time-consuming. So, skip the peeling with this easy trick: Simply cut one line into the potato’s skin, all the way around, and then boil it for 20 minutes. Let it cool enough to handle, and then simply pull the peel off with your fingers.


Peel Garlic – Without the Stinky Hands

Garlic is an easy way to pump up the flavor of many dishes – and there are also many reported health benefits. But, the thin skin can be stubborn, and who wants hands that reek of garlic hours later? According to DaveHax, you can peel garlic without getting it all over your hands. All you need is to put it in a jar or in a bowl with a lid and shake it until the peel comes off.


Bonus Tip: Get Rid of Smelly Garlic or Onion Hands

So what if it’s too late, and you already chopped garlic (or onions) and have a lingering aroma on your hands? The Cooking with Jack Show demonstrates that you just need some water and a stainless steel spoon, and – voila! – no more smell.


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