Strategic Plan UNITE


Our Mission

To provide nutritious food and resources for our neighbors, with dignity, equity and convenience, through partnerships and innovation.

Our Vision

For everyone in Northern Illinois to have the food they need to thrive.



We are grateful to all our donors, volunteers and agency network who joined us in an intensive five-year journey in our 2020 strategic plan to distribute meals equitably across our 13 counties. We are excited to launch Strategic Plan UNITE which will build on our current strategies and work towards reaching all our neighbors with new approaches and providing access to the food they need and desire.

Strategic Plan UNITE


Empower our Neighbors

We are designing with and for neighbors, so they experience more choice, better access, and less stigma. This requires us to continue to innovate in our food programs and to find ways to respond to diverse needs.

Engage our Network

We are growing stronger together with our network of feeding programs to increase access and advance neighbor-centric practices. This requires us to co-create and share leadership with agency leaders, invest in agency capacity, and welcome new partners who extend our reach.

Enhance Food Supply

We are providing nutritious food, consistently and equitably throughout all of our communities. This requires us to understand our neighbors’ needs and wants, invigorate donor stewardship and invest funds in acquiring nutritious foods.

Evolve the Food Bank

We are becoming a stronger and more adaptable Food Bank. This requires us to grow community support and awareness of food insecurity and promote the Food Bank as the solution to hunger. We are also upgrading our technology and expanding our use of data to better meet the needs of our network and neighbors.

Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are addressing inequalities by raising awareness of the disproportionate impact of food insecurity on marginalized communities and adapting to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Strategic Plan UNITE


Building Upon Strategic Plan UNITE 2020

Strategic Plan UNITE builds upon the work in our last strategic plan ensuring equity to access to meals across our 13 counties. Throughout UNITE we will continue to measure our progress with the PRAN map – which shows a community as green if we are providing 75% or greater of the missed meals. In FY21, 98% of our communities were green, showing tremendous growth from when we began the journey in 2014.

Click the 2014 and 2021 PRAN map to enlarge it.

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