Court Compelled Community Service

A number of adult court-mandated community service hour offenses may be completed by serving hours at the Food Bank. All individuals with court-mandated community service hours must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Call 630.443.6910 ext. 192 and leave a message or email to discuss the possibility of serving their hours at the Food Bank
  • Must complete a Court Compelled Intake Form

The Community Service Program is separate from our volunteer program. Do NOT register to volunteer online, as those hours WILL NOT count toward your mandated community service hours.

If your offense is accepted:

  • Individuals must return intake form to the Food Bank with copy of court order. All forms should be returned directly to the Food Bank.
    Fax: 630.443.6916
    Mail or in person: 273 Dearborn Ct. Geneva, IL 60134
  • Locations where hours may be served include Northern Illinois Food Bank Centers in Geneva, Park City, or Rockford
  • Hours must be scheduled by email or leaving a message at 630.443.6910 ext. 192