Ways to Give

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For every $1 donated, Northern Illinois Food Bank provides $8 worth of groceries to a neighbor in need. Every donation makes a real difference in the lives of our hungry neighbors.
Below are various ways you can contribute to the Food Bank and help us feed more hungry neighbors. 


Serving Hope Monthly Giving Club

Please consider becoming a member of our monthly giving club, Serving Hope.  Knowing we can count on your gifts allows the food bank to plan ahead ensuring our hungry neighbors can depend on us whenever they need food.

$20 a month provides a monthly food box to a hungry senior

$30 a month provides $240 worth of groceries each month

$60 a month provides a food-filled backpack to feed three children every weekend of the school year

$100 a month provides enough groceries to feed a family of four all year long

Sign up with a Credit Card

Sign up with automatic checking account withdrawals

Already a Serving Hope Member? Need help making changes to your account? Please call us at (630)443-6910 or login to your sustaining gift center with these instructions.

Matching Gifts

Donate Stock

Gifts of stocks and securities are an easy and great way to make an impact for our hungry neighbors. We accept donations of stock by transfer via the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

To ensure a smooth transfer of your stock, please contact your broker and advise them of your intent to donate stock to the Northern Illinois Food Bank Giving Account at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Please have your broker contact Gina Gramarosso at 630.443.6910 ext. 130 for DTC and account information. We do not receive donor information from our broker, so in order for us to properly acknowledge your gift, please notify Gina when you make the transfer.

Please note: As of July 2017 Northern Illinois Food Bank has a new account which to receive stock donations. If you have previously made stock donations please contact Gina Gramarosso to ensure you have the updated account information before requesting your broker to make the transfer.


When you shop at AmazonSmile and select Northern Illinois Food Bank, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price. Bookmark this link and support us when you shop.


Northern Illinois Food Bank Tomorrows harvest

Create a Legacy of Hope

Tomorrow’s Harvest is Northern Illinois Food Bank’s legacy society. By joining Tomorrow’s Harvest, your gift creates a legacy of hope to ensure that tomorrow’s families in need will not go hungry.  A planned gift can be especially meaningful because it provides long-term support that strengthens our ability to feed hungry neighbors.

You can designate a bequest to Northern Illinois Food Bank in your will, name the Food Bank as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or gift retirement assets. As some of the planned gift options may also provide tax benefits to you, your family or your estate, we recommend you consult with your financial adviser to develop a personalized plan of giving.

Your gift to Northern Illinois Food Bank through your will or estate plan will create a future where:
• Every child wakes up to a good breakfast and enjoys a nutritious dinner at night
• Senior citizens are not forced to choose between medicine and food
• No one in northern Illinois has to skip dinner to pay household bills

You may use this sample bequest language to designate a planned gift to the food bank:
I give, devise and bequeath [written amount, percentage of estate or description of property] to Northern Illinois Food Bank, an Illinois non-profit organization, Tax ID Number 36-3203648, to be used for its unrestricted purposes.”

If you have already designated a planned gift for Northern Illinois Food Bank, please complete our commitment form and return it to the food bank. Tomorrow’s Harvest members will be listed in the Food Bank annual report. Please contact Gina Gramarosso or 630-443-6910 ext. 130 for more information.

Circle of Hope Northern Illinois food bank

The Circle of Hope is a group of dedicated individuals committed to providing the financial leadership needed solve hunger in northern Illinois.  With their support, Northern Illinois Food Bank is able to provide nutritious food to more than 60,000 people each week – helping residents who have difficulty meeting their most basic needs. Circle of Hope membership runs from July 1 to June 30 and is renewable annually.For more information or to confirm your membership please contact Maeven Sipes or 630.443.6910 ext. 116.

Individual Supporters Benefits

In honor of the generosity and dedication of Circle of Hope members, we offer five levels of appreciation for individual supporters:

Planter $1,000 – $2,499 
• Recognition in Annual Report and on Circle of Hope donor wall
• Subscription to Northern Illinois Food Bank’s The Full Plate newsletter
• Invitations to social and fundraising events sponsored by the Food Bank
• Invitation to unique Friends and Family Volunteer Days

Grower $2,500 – $4,999
• All benefits of Planter level plus:
• A tour of a food pantry, soup kitchen or mobile pantry site

Gatherer $5,000 – $9,999

• All benefits of Grower level plus:
• Invitation to exclusive Gatherer’s Breakfast with Food Bank President and CEO

Harvester $10,000 – $24,999
• All benefits of Gatherer level plus:
• Premiere recognition in Annual Report and on Circle of Hope donor wall
• Opportunity to “ride-along” in a Food Bank truck for a day

Nourisher $25,000+
• All benefits of Harvester level plus:
• Two complimentary tickets to Food Bank’s signature events, A Taste That Matters or Stars and Cars

Circle of Hope FY16 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016)

Nourisher ($25,000+)
    Anonymous (2)
    Donald and Carol Carani
    Steven and Shirley Dehmlow
    Daniel and Sharon Heagy
    Mark and Maureen Miller

Harvester ($10,000-$24,999)
    Anonymous (4)
    Doris Christopher
    Patrick Cott
    Dorn Marketing
    Harry and Penny Fruechte
    Rebecca Gaples and Simon Harrison
    Harry Gaples
    Roger and Sandy Jensen
    Brian and Carla Lampsa
    Loren and Denise LeVeque
    Matthew Matias and Tami Pilot-Matias
    Patricia Novosel and Mark Person
    Dale and Sarah Richardson
    Michael Rothkopf
    The Shebik Family
    Howard and Martha Simpson
    Bhaskaran and Hamsa Swaminathan
    Premal Yagnik


Gatherer ($5,000-$9,999)
    Anonymous (3)
    Larry and Cindy Allen
    Cole Bachelder
    Kent and Sybil Bickford
    David Blatti and Anita Black
    Scott and Annette Burns
    Ronald Campbell and Carol Sim Campbell
    Stephen and Carolyn Chase
    Alexander Chimens
    Linda and William Connell
    Timothy Drexler and Terri Williams
    Doug and Kim Eckrote
    Frank and Mary Erlain
    John and Sharon Felsenthal
    John and Deborah Gerken
    John and Laurie Gillies
    Karen Golden and Lee Gunter
    Brian Griffith
    Jon and Marsha Habegger
    Aman and Manisha Handa
    Jerry Hansen
    Virginia B. Harting
    Jodi Heiser and Doug Michels
    Donald and Jennifer Holmgren
    Wendy Holmquist
    Robert Hombach
    Andrew and Elizabeth Hull
    Ilan Hurtado
    Pamela Knowles
    Devalina Law
    Dirk and Debra Locascio
    Robert and Jill McAllister
    Steve and Julie McGue
    Lou Jean Moyer
    David and Evelyn Najman
    Thomas and Cynthia Neacy
    Boyd Nelson
    Robert and Maria Peterson
    Linda and Don Rourke
    Rich and Kim Ruebe
    Douglas Schooley
    Craig and Elizabeth Sesemann
    Michael Sorensen
    Jeffrey Stetson
    Robert Torbett
    James and Denise Van Peursem
    Gary and Nina Vanderpoel
    Thomas and Rebecca Vanderveen
    Raymond and Laurie Wienke


Grower ($2,500-$4,999)
    Anonymous (8)
    Jane Abel
    Christian and Lorraine Ambler
    Joanne Barnes and Richard Woodruff
    Karen and James Barnes
    Stacey and Dennis Barsema
    Robert Baum and MaryBeth Kretz
    John and Jody Bellomo
    David and Michelle Beto
    Dan and Susan Black
    Mary Kathryn Black
    Daniel and Judith Boyer
    Traci Breen
    Maureen Brennan
    V. L. Brooks
    Kevin and Lori Burns
    Nathaniel Carden
    Rashmi Chugh
    Leslee Coons
    James Deforest
    Joe and Lorraine Degidio
    Jeffrey and Karen Dickmann
    Benjamin Dochoff
    Mark and Heidi Enright
    Gregory Entrekin
    Cheri and Mark Farina
    Andrew and Julia Faville
    William Fitzmaurice
    David and Cindy Flitman
    Anne H. Gorham
    Madeline Halpern
    Mark Harger
    Kevin and LeAnn Harnist
    Francis and Melissa Hayes
    David Hegg
    Thomas Hentschel
    Mark and Sharon Herlache
    Michael Hoffman
    Paul and Colleen Hurley
    David and Carol Hurrle
    Karen and Michael Joyce
    Jerry and Debby Juzwiak
    Debra Kamien
    Leah Kattau
    Patrick and Catherine Keane
    Annette Kenney
    Emily Kessler
    Rohail and Aisha Khan
    Martin King
    Elizabeth Kiriazis
    Steven and Deedra Korwin
    Jefferey Lackman
    Timothy and Margaret Laughlin
    H. J. G. Lawler
    Madeline Lenzini
    Richard Levandowski
    Don and Diane Lincoln
    Peter Linde
    Ken and Gail Lindner
    Steven and Barbara Lippai
    Andrew Lucas and Beth Sheehan-Lucas
    Kathleen Martin
    James and April Mattikow
    Thomas and Lynn McCanne
    Brian and Barbara McCaskey
    Jerold and Susan McCreight
    Scott and Kimberly Murphy
    Paul and Mary Neustadt
    David and Lisa Newman
    Frank and Mary Nitsch
    Brent and Susan Ohlmann
    Elena Palmer
    Andrew Paul
    Bryan and Julie Peterson
    Lawrence and Shelley Pilon
    Matthew and Erica Posthuma
    Katherine Puffer
    Frederick Radloff and Marilyn Smilie
    Mark and Andrea Redfearn
    Jason and Cathryn Roberts
    Kathleen Ross and George Ferguson
    Peggy and George Roth
    David Sadler
    Glenn and April Salava
    Darrell and DeLaine Schmitz
    Wayne Schwalen
    Randall and Donna Shaw
    Frank and April Smith
    Mark Smith
    Betsy Smith
    Marilyn Steenwyk
    John and Charlotte Stobart
    Robert and Jane Townsend
    J Tryti
    Aaron Vangetson
    Lawrence and Melissa Washow
    Joseph and Cynthia White
    Margie Wienke
    Stephen and Sherry Wilde
    John and Tamara Witte
    Richard and Amy Wittmayer
    K. James Yager
    Craig and Linda Yoder
    The Yurko Family


Planter ($1,000-$2,499)
    Anonymous (39)
    Anonymous Christ-Followers, Woodstock IL
    Brian Abry
    Patti Acurio
    Anastasia Adams
    Clark Adams
    Mark and Caroline Adelmann
    Frank and Judy Ala
    William Alberth and Patricia Robb
    Joan Alders
    Sylwia and John Aldrin
    Karim Ali
    Peter and Sarma Alle
    Michael and Laura Allen
    Kevin Anderson and Margaret Guseman
    Richard and Janet Anderson
    Victor and Celeste Antonacci
    James and Cheryl Appler
    Kathryn Arias
    Nesher and Carrie Asner
    Christopher Atkinson
    Michael and Rene Averett
    Linda Avery
    Kevin and Karen Aves
    Theresa Awe
    Logan and Lindsey Ayers
    The Backas Family
    Anne Bailey
    Carol Bailey
    Thomas and Charlotte Baker
    Robert Banaszek
    John Bandman
    David and Deborah Banion
    Thomas Banks
    James Barker
    Grady Barnes and Terese Douglass
    Jennifer Barron
    Don and Terri Bartholomay
    Mr. Ronald W. Barton
    Gregory Batton and Carol Constantine
    Fred and Kathleen Bauters
    Joseph and Elizabeth Beard
    Eric and Nancy Beaumont
    Mark and Aimee Begeot
    Bruce Bellak
    Steven and Elizabeth Benck
    Daniel and Jennifer Berg
    Phyllis Bergagna
    William and Christine Berger
    Maureen Bergstrom
    Ronald and Catherine Berns
    Marjorie Bernstein
    Gregory and Cathleen Bertha
    Charlene Bettag
    Christopher Betts
    James and Linda Biggs
    Joseph and Donna Bihner
    Gary and Beth Birnbaum
    Paul and Kathleen Blahunka
    Valerie Blaine
    Mark and Barbara Blank
    Tim Blazier
    Angela Blount
    Steven Blum
    Geraldine Blumm
    Virgil Bogert
    Rose Booe
    Nicholas and Tracey Boone
    Philip and Marilyn Boria
    Tom Borkowski
    Mark and Susan Bowman
    Donald and Jeris Boyce
    Joseph Bradaseric
    Michelle Bradshaw
    Donald and Carolyn Braendle
    Diane Braun
    Jennifer Bredemeyer
    Kevin and Margaret Brewner
    Norman and Kathleen Bridge
    F. Thomas and Nancy Brija
    Robert and Mary Britz
    Chad and Sheri Brizzee
    Curt and Lorie Brown
    Gregory and Anna Brown
    Christopher and Julie Budde
    Daniel Burke
    Terrence and Susan Burroway
    Pete and Lisa Byer
    Charles and Nancy Byers
    Anna Byrne
    Miguel and Cindy Caceres
    Terry and Susan Carley
    Marc and Wilma Carmichael
    Michael and Emily Carroll
    Court and Kirstin Carruthers
    Thomas Cassidy
    Carolyn Catalano
    Walter and Janet Catlow
    Lewis and Marie Caviness
    Gerald Cecchin
    Anthony and Deborah Cefalu
    Jeffrey Chernick and Lynn Zeitler
    Ning Chou
    Robert and Susan Ciardiello
    Thomas and Maryann Ciccarelli
    Gordon and Deborah Clifford
    Thomas and Ruth Cloonan
    Jodie Coffey
    Mark Coffman
    Harvey and Karen Cohan
    Lynn Colletti
    Colleen Collins
    Troy Collins
    Nancy Conley
    Elizabeth Connor
    Jack Cook
    Stephena Cook Romanoff
    Carmine Corsetti
    Jennifer Cote
    James and Susan Cozzi
    Kathleen Craig
    Marcia Craig
    Margaret Credo
    Jack and Ellen Cress
    Donald and Michele Cronin
    Patricia Cronquist
    Terrance and Jean Cummings
    John Cunningham
    Jay and Paige Cunningham
    Bruce and Mary Currie
    Kevin and D. Cushing
    Janet Cycholl
    Karen Davis
    The Davy Family
    William and Ann Debruler
    Timothy and Judith Delaney
    Samuel and Sharon Delisi
    Carl and Lora DeMasi
    Lowell Denton
    Terry and Kristine Derrico
    Carol Devoss
    R. Thomas and Roberta Dewing
    Kathleen Dietz
    James Dixon
    William Dixon and Deborah Swambar
    Michael and Joanne Djuric
    Maria Donzelli
    Brenda Dorsey
    Charles and Ruth Dow
    Kevin and Linda Downie
    Jim and Terri Doyle
    Neal Driscoll
    Donald and Carol Dugger
    John and Emily Dumas
    John and Nancie Dusanic
    Robert and Mary Dvorak
    Gregory and Josephine Eakins
    Frederick Eberhardt, Jr.
    Randy and Maxine Ekl
    Benjamin Ellingson
    Chuck and Renee Emma
    Frederick and Marcia Emmett
    Elizabeth English
    Steve Ericksen
    Jim and Sandy Erxleben
    Cathy Faetanini
    Robert Fassbender
    Robert and Rose Fealy
    Arthur and Elizabeth Fedder
    A. Ferrante
    Mary Lou Fervida
    Lynn Fesenmyer
    Sidney and Linda Firstman
    Samantha and Jesse Fisher
    William and Rosemary Fleig
    Michael and Emily Foley
    Michael and Sheila Foley
    Mark and Margie Folkers
    Marvin and Beverly Ford
    Paul Fordham
    Steve and Nicolle France
    Robert Franco and Joanne Powell
    Lawrence and Carol Frank
    Jason and Julie Franken
    Robert Fredian
    Bradley Freeman
    Michael and Beverly Frett
    Sara Friedle
    David and Dianne Friedman
    Michael and Sandra Fuehrmeyer
    Kenneth Fullett
    James and Margaret Furlong
    James Gaffney
    Alan and Nancy Gambrel
    Paula Gargano
    Sandra Garifo
    Keith and Carrie Garstecki
    Patti Garwood
    Mark Gaston
    Barbara Geist
    David and Judith Gemperline
    Steven Geske
    Franck Gibney
    Laurence Gibson
    Patrick and Richaele Giersch
    Kristine Givens
    William and Lynn Glickauf
    John Glover
    Janette Goff
    Robert and Roberta Goldman
    Kim and Susan Goudreau
    Kathryn Graber
    Jamie Graham
    Jamie Graunke
    Nancy Grayheck
    James and Pauli Graziano
    Daniel and Andrea Green
    Francis Greene
    Michael and Lisa Greenfield
    Scot Greenlee
    Douglas and Jill Grimm
    Jeffrey and Christine Grohne
    Wesley Gruenberg
    Joan Guasta
    David and Kristin Gumminger
    Kristie and Michael Haley
    William Hall
    Victoria and Thomas Halpin
    Thomas and Elizabeth Hamlin
    Robert and Jeanne Hamman
    Robert and Beverly Hammerschmidt
    Jill Hancock
    James and Sandi Hansen
    Richard and Nicole Happ
    Douglas and Kate Harder
    Marguerite Hark
    Martin and Paula Harmon
    Jeffrey and Helen Harold
    Payson and Nancy Harrington
    Floyd and Joan Harris
    Margaret Hart
    John and Nancy Hartung
    David Hawley
    William and Linda Hayes
    Steve Heald
    William and Louise Healy
    Christian and Susan Heaney
    Richard and Judith Hegerle
    Patricia Heimerl
    Jeffrey and Meggin Heine
    Joanne Heintz
    Alice and Paul Heinz
    Scott Herter
    Rosalie Hewitt
    J. Paul and Tracee Hicks
    Glen and Barbara Hietala
    Robert and Jane Hilb
    Lee and Marietta Hirsch
    Cheryl Hirth
    Dion Hish
    Joseph Hmieleski and Binita Kwankin
    Judith Hoenig
    Jane Hoffman
    Emily Hofmeister
    Richard and Carrie Hogan
    Bryan and Kathleen Hohn
    Julie Holdmann
    Kim and Tim Holmes
    Mary Holstein
    Robert Honig
    Jeannette Hopp
    Nola M. Hopp
    John and Nancy Hoppe
    Timothy Hoster
    Harry and Marie Hostetler
    E. Kris and Laura Hoult
    Steve and Meghan Hoxmeier
    Kenneth and Aileen Hsu
    Thomas and Trudy Huberty
    Leslie Huddleston
    Janet Hugg
    Philip Humphrey
    Doris Hunt
    Matthew and Maria Hyland
    John and Rebecca Ihne
    David Inge
    Rodney Irey
    Mark and Patricia Ivers
    Joseph and Alfreda Jacob
    Anne Jacobs
    Mitchell and Traci Jacobs
    Terese and Robert Janik
    Sandra Jarvis
    Daniel Jenks and Mary Moreland
    Beth Johnson
    Debra Johnson
    Jeffrey and Karen Johnson
    Julie Johnson
    Katherine Johnson
    Martha Johnson
    Chad Jones
    George Jones
    Jeffrey and Lisa Jones
    Dennis and Rebecca Joray
    John and Elizabeth Julia
    Keith Kageff
    Vincent and Samantha Kalamaras
    Donald and Pamela Kalfen
    Troy and Kimberli Karlsson
    George and Patricia Karwatzki
    Steven Kase
    Andrew Kassay
    Helen Kastenholz
    Daniel Kastholm
    Catherine Kauffman
    John and Beverly Kawa
    Kelvin Keach
    Patricia Keir
    John Kelleher
    Kelly Family
    Jerry and Anna Marie Kelly
    Thomas and Christine Kelly
    John and Jeanne Kett
    Kyong Kim
    Sarah Kindelin
    Peter and Barbara Kindinger
    David and Cynthia King
    Sherryl King
    Douglas Kinney
    Pat Kirschhoffer
    Jonathan Klein
    Paul and Elizabeth Kling
    Phyllis Kmetz
    Tom and Patty Knoblauch
    John and Susan Kobza
    David and Jill Koerperick
    William and Camille Koertner
    Todd and Jennifer Kolber
    Andrew and Carolyn Kontrick
    Dianne and Raymond Korizon
    Louis Korom Jr.
    Heather Korsvik
    Kristina Korwin
    Lance and Katie Kovacs
    Peter Kowal
    James and Joanne Kowalczyk
    Andrew and Susan Kramer
    Pamela Kramer
    Kevin Krause and Steven Shular
    Charles Kreps
    Martin and Sandra Kroll
    Kenneth Kubiesa
    Greg and Karen Kuppler
    Andrew and Trisha Kurzac
    Andrew Kwintiuk
    Patricia Lafollette
    Donna and Thomas Lake
    John Lamszus
    Jeffrey and Pam Lance
    Marlina Land
    Lester and Joyce Landmeier
    Kurt Laning and Carol Bier-Laning
    Jack and Pamela Lanphar
    Jeffrey Lefebvre
    Ralph Lessor
    Patrick Liddell
    Kay Lidgerding
    Kenneth Lies and Carol Bradley-Lies
    Arthur Lietz
    Bruce and Joyce Liker
    William and Suzanne Lindsay
    Cheryl Lisy
    Mary Lynn Logli
    Dennis Luebbers
    Richard Lukens and Cindy Trennert-Lukens
    Gayle and Gary Lundgren
    James and Gail Lundgren
    Michael and Rosalind Lusk
    Mark and Lise Lutz
    Robert and Elizabeth Madej
    Cindy Madson
    Peter Maggio
    Steven and Mary Magnani
    Patrick and Robin Magoon
    Leslie Makovic
    Thomas Malmquist
    Richard and Jane Marble
    Gary and Penny Marchiel
    Daniel and Angela Markwalder
    Robert and Barbara Martin
    Steven Marut
    Scott and Christine Matott
    Donald and Diane Mattison
    Charles Mauter
    Thomas and Shevawn Maxwell
    Adele Mayer
    Barbara Mayerhofer
    Jeffrey and Leslie Mazrimas
    James and Arlene Mazurek
    Vicki McCabe
    George and Barbara McCaskey
    Thomas and Melinda McCauley
    Margaret McClain
    James and Elizabeth McDonald
    Martin and Georgeanne McGuire
    Joellen McIntyre
    Kevin and Anne McKenna
    Maridelle McKesson
    Vincent and Donna McMahon
    John and Nancy Mead
    Joseph Mehr and Fay Shong
    Elyce Meilstrup
    Jay Merkel
    Harold and Ardith Meyer
    Douglas Meyer
    Donald Michalek
    Jean Miller
    Jeffrey and Louise Miller
    Kurt and Annette Miller
    Lynn Miller
    Thomas and Lorraine Miller
    Yvonne Miller
    John Millner
    Allan and Christine Mills
    Mark Miner
    Mary Ann Mings
    Keith and Lisa Minor
    Kenneth and Karen Mocarski
    Thomas and M. Kathleen Moony
    Brenda Moore
    R. Scott and Catherine Morgan
    James and Renee Morley
    William and Susan Moylan
    Steven and Dolly Mrowinski
    Elizabeth and Jacob Mrugacz
    David and Margaret Mucci
    Hope Mueller
    David and Janis Mueller
    Dagmar Mulac
    John and Deborah Muller
    Graham and Raija Murphy
    Paul and Jo Ann Murphy
    William Murray
    Douglas Myers
    Richard and Carolyn Nabong
    Michael and Melissa Nachman
    Martin and Trudy Nash
    Mark Neaman
    Brian Nelson
    Eric Nelson and Margaret Lavanish
    Paula Nelson
    Scott Nemec
    Tomas and Elizabeth Nemickas
    Janice Nichol
    Jean Nichols
    John and Laura Nickelson
    Craig Nielsen
    Harvey Nixon
    John and Linda Nordin
    Richard Norwood
    Mitchell and Debra Nowicki
    Kenneth Numerowski
    Doug and Peggy Obenauf
    Jim and Julie Oberweis
    Terence and Colleen O’Brien
    Debra and Richard O’Donnell
    Neil and Kara O’Donovan
    Alden and Genevieve Odt
    Mark Ofenloch and Cheryl Bondurant
    Michael and Nancy O’Keefe
    John Oleson
    Dennis and Mary Ann Olson
    Conor and Linda O’Malley
    John Onder
    William and Cheryl Ondratschek
    Frances Oppenheimer
    Thomas and Lauren Orr
    F. Ian and Marilyn Ostergaard
    Robert and Donna O’Toole
    Jane D. Ovitz
    Rebecca Owen
    Terry Owens and Tari Riggs
    Brian and Grace Oye
    Brenda Pabon
    John and Sheryl Pack
    Richard and Carolyn Pakan
    Nathan and Gloria Palmer
    Leonard and Diana Paoletti
    Suzanne Paradis
    Phillip and Joan Pardun
    Thomas and Linda-Marie Parr
    Anthony Pastore and Phuong Lam
    J. Michael Patch
    Jabal Patel
    Vishal and Jalpa Patel
    Margaret Patterson
    Jerry and Norma Penick
    John and Cressa Perish
    Robert and Marcia Permut
    John Perry
    Joseph Perry
    Matthew and Michelle Peters
    Richard and Susan Petersen
    H. Soenke and Susan Petersen
    Stephen and Patricia Petersen
    Gaye Peterson
    John Peterson
    Kim Peterson
    Thomas Peterson and Susan Glad-Peterson
    John and Kristine Petro
    Charles and Sandra Petron
    John and Jennifer Petty
    James Petzel
    Bruce and Deborah Pfaff
    George Pfeiffer
    John and Carol Pirog
    Thomas Pisarczyk
    Joan Placke
    John and Maureen Plante
    Mark and Karla Podrazik
    Paul and Julie Pokorny
    Ronald Pollastrini
    Daniel and Louise Porcaro
    Peter and Sanda Powell
    Jamie Prenevost
    James Prosser
    Helene Quail
    Bill and Cheryl Qualls
    Susan Quanz
    J. Timothy and Erin Radcliff
    Paul and Lisa Radlinski
    Karen Raisanen
    Ganapathy Raman
    David and Susan Raske
    James and Jean Ratajczyk
    Michael and Valerie Redlich
    Glenn and Barbara Reed
    Donald Reily
    Christine Reller
    Franklin and Lorreen Richards
    Scott and Maureen Richards
    Jeffrey and Amy Richter
    Norman and Pamela Richter
    Eileen and Timothy Rico
    Gina and Mark Riefke
    Michael Rittof
    George and Lea Anne Roach
    A. F. and Cecile Robinson
    Bruce and Ellen Rodman
    John Romano
    Merle Rosenberg
    Betsy Ross
    Russ and Julie Rothenfluh
    Richard and Grace Rothrock
    Elliot and Barbara Rothschild
    Russell Rouse
    Herbert H. Rozoff
    Kevin and Julie Rude
    Lawrence Rudnick
    Bernard and Karen Rudnik
    Charlene Ruffner
    David Ruth
    Daniel and Patricia Ryan
    Mary Ryan
    Roger Saltzman and Kathy Kossaris
    Daniel and Christine Sampson
    Janna and Richard Sampson
    PJ and Roberta Samson
    Maureen Sapp
    Daniel Sawczuk
    William and Phyllis Scanlan
    John Eric and Susan Schaal
    Judith and Jonathan Schaefer
    David and Midge Schafer
    Thomas and Bonnie Schenck
    David and Ann Schertz
    Brian and Elizabeth Schieber
    David Schiman
    Kathleen Schlenzig
    Carl Schoedel
    Steve and C. Darby Schoop
    Jeanne Schoppe
    William Schorsch
    Steven Schwager
    Robert Schwartz
    Sally Searle
    Gus and Robin Semeria
    John and Bobbi Sfire
    Brenna Shaeffer
    Dilip and Uma Shah
    Theodore Shannon
    John and Susan Shedor
    David Sherman
    Thomas Sikorski
    Gregory and Kathy Lee Simunich
    James Siple
    Eileen and Edward Slagis
    Suzanne R. Smith
    Susan Smith
    Mark and Tina Smith
    Michael and Debra Smith
    Peggy and Wayne Smith
    Charles and Jean Smoots
    Todd Soerens and Pamela Ramaker Soerens
    John and Dana Spehlmann
    Kevin and Julie Spence
    Lisa Spence
    Joseph and Lynda Spinn
    Ronald Spooner
    Donald and Joyce St. Clair
    Terrie Sue Stainman
    Harrison and Lois Steans
    Lantz and Catherine Stein
    Norval and Diane Stephens
    James and Joanne Steudel
    Marilyn Stewart
    Michael Stieber and Nancy Hart
    Patricia Stocke
    Rob Stocker
    Donald Stokr
    Phil and Camilla Streuter
    Edward Strickland and Margaret Serpe
    Douglas and Marcelline Strohm
    Jack Strom
    John and Ann J. Sullivan
    Michael and Yolanda Sullivan
    Jon and Sandra Summerbell
    Ramamoorthy Sundar
    Raleigh and Kathleen Sutton
    Jonathan Swanson
    Priscilla Swanson
    Sharon L. Swanson
    Susan Swiss
    Jack and Betty Tackitt
    Nora Tanaka
    Brian Taylor
    Harry and Anne Teichert
    Daniel and Kristine Tennant
    Spencer Teske
    Timothy and Julie Theisen
    James and Andrea Thome
    David and Norma Thompson
    David Thomsen
    Gary and Becky Thorsen
    Beverly Timm
    Thomas and Jeannie Tisbo
    Keri Trolson
    Paul and Debra Truskey
    George Tures
    Steven and Theresa Turner
    Pam Uhlig
    Guy Umbright
    Laura Urbik-Kern
    Nancy Valenta
    David Van Heest
    James Van Hekken
    Edgar and Linnea VanBarriger
    Robert Vanbuskirk
    John and Rosemarie VandenBiesen
    Amy and Jason Vandenbrook
    Kevin Vandervall
    Darl Vandevender
    Larry Vann
    Donald Vanthournout
    Ramya Varakeri
    Anne Veit and Doug Nesbitt
    Steven and Joanne Verney
    John and Patricia Vicha
    Susan Vincent
    Jim and Amy Viola
    Kathryn Viskant
    Ellen L. Voegtle
    Thomas Voigts
    Sandy Vonkampen
    Brent and Jean Wadsworth
    Bonnie Wagner
    Robert Wagner
    Lynne Waldeland
    Peter Waldman
    Peter and Cheryl Waldstein
    Charles and Nancy Wallace
    Janie and Chuck Walsh
    Michael and Linda Walt
    Jim and Jane Walter
    Edward and Barbara Walters
    Mr. David Wang and Ms. Beth A. Coughlin
    William Wangler
    Christopher Ward
    Robert and Lynn Wasserman
    Robert Webber
    David and Irene Wedemeyer
    Susan Welter
    Jason Wenglarski
    Hans and Barbara Wessel
    Bruce and Julie Wheeler
    Walter and Margaret Whinna
    Christopher White
    Marion White
    Sue Ellen White
    Jim and Lois Whitlock
    Stephen and Janelle Whitney
    William and Margaret Whoriskey
    David Wicklund
    David Wiedemeier
    Lucille Wielgosz
    Robert Wieseneck
    Terry Wilkins
    Denise Williams
    Janice Williams
    George and Allison Wilmes
    Paula Wilson
    George Winandy
    Lois Winkels
    Ronald and Gemma Winters
    John and Susan Winton
    Madonna J. Witter
    Craig and Rita Woker
    Coleman and Jean Woodhouse
    Gayle Woods
    Michael Wuerstle
    Kevin Wysocki
    Mark and Lisa Zanke
    Daniel Zealley
    Daniel Zegar
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    Andrew and Gail Zych