Vegetable Curriculum

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Lesson One: Dip Cups

Making a low fat tasty dip is a great way for children to eat their veggies!
Star veggie: Carrots Lesson One Leader Guide
Lesson One Student Activity
Lesson One Grocery List
Lesson One Student Feedback

Lesson Two: Salad

Having children mix their own dressing is a sure fire way to get them to try new vegetables.
Star veggie: Broccoli and Cauliflower Lesson Two Leader Guide
Lesson Two Student Activity
Lesson Two Grocery List
Lesson Two Student Feedback

Lesson Three: Veggie Boats

This revved up version of ants on a log will have kids eating vegetables and hummus!
Star veggie: Cucumbers Lesson Three Leader Guide
Lesson Three Student Activity
Lesson Three Grocery List
Lesson Three Student Feedback

Lesson Four: Veggie Wraps

Try this in your child’s lunch instead of the traditional peanut butter and jelly!
Star veggie: Bell Peppers Lesson Four Leader Guide
Lesson Four Student Activity
Lesson Four Grocery List
Lesson Four Student Feedback

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