Canned Foods are Good

Canned Goods are Good & Creative Food Drives

01/Feb/17 / 20:06

From refried beans to green beans, fruit cocktail to cranberry sauce – canned foods are a staple for families across the country. Even though these foods are as nutritious as fresh or frozen products (if not more)(1), canned foods tend to get a bad rap. They are often less desirable to the everyday shopper.   […]

Favorite Seasonal Produce: Winter

Favorite Seasonal Produce: Winter

27/Jan/17 / 14:59

As we inch closer to the start of Spring (which is just 7 weeks away…not that we’re counting or anything!) and try to keep our New Year’s resolutions on track, we may be finding ourselves in a bit of pickle as the rotation of the same old fruits and veggies – apples and carrots – […]

Heat or Eat? Everyday choices are tough for hungry neighbors

Heat or Eat? Everyday Choices are Tough for Hungry Neighbors

20/Jan/17 / 06:00

It’s a cold evening in January. You’re bundled in layers of sweatshirts and blankets to fend off the icy chill buffeting your door. The empty feeling in your stomach is growing – a hearty bowl of hot soup sounds perfect just about now. So what do you do? You get up, walk to the pantry, […]

Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

13/Jan/17 / 06:00

Back in December, a member of our Food Bank team reflected on an awesome experience she had while representing Northern Illinois Food Bank at a holiday food drive in the Rockford area. A month later, we’re still so inspired by this story that we want to share it. The story beautifully reveals the selflessness and […]

VolunTeen Program 2017

VolunTeens – Giving Back After School

10/Jan/17 / 06:00

For some, Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day is just another day off to sleep in or do something fun with friends. But for us here at Northern Illinois Food Bank, and for many of our supporters and volunteers, it isn’t a day off at all because hunger never takes a break. This is especially […]

New Year resolution 2017 v2

Resolve to Solve Hunger this Year

06/Jan/17 / 06:00

We’re so thankful for the support we’ve received during the holidays! Your generous spirit helped us to provide more than 29,000 Holiday Meal Boxes to hungry neighbors in your community.   But hunger is a reality year-round for people who struggle to make ends meet. Resolve to help us solve hunger this year by adopting […]

5yr infographic_featured image

A Look Back at 5 Years in Geneva

30/Dec/16 / 06:00

As we look forward to the new year, we reflect on what a great year 2016 has been — including the 5-year anniversary of our West Suburban Center! September 27, 2016 marked the five-year anniversary of opening our West Suburban Center in Geneva.   In order to meet the skyrocketing needs of neighbors in our […]

holiday ecard_facebook

Happy Holidays from Northern Illinois Food Bank

23/Dec/16 / 06:00

  Thank you – our volunteers, our champions, our most valued supporters – for all that you do throughout the year for us. You make it possible for us to bring nourishment and hope to families in our community this holiday season and throughout the year. On behalf of the entire staff at Northern Illinois […]

expiration dates_blog v2

Use-By, Sell-By, and Best-By Dates – What’s the Difference?

16/Dec/16 / 21:47

Imagine the following scenario: It’s Monday morning, you’ve poured yourself a bowl of cereal and – still rubbing the sleep from your eyes – you open the fridge to grab the half empty gallon of milk on the shelf. Much to your dismay, the container is stamped with an expiration date of yesterday in red, […]

Glen Ellyn food pantry_blog

A Fresh Space to Serve More Hungry Neighbors

09/Dec/16 / 17:35

The excitement is palpable as you walk into the newly-remodeled Glen Ellyn Food Pantry, nestled in the lower level of Grace Lutheran Church in downtown Glen Ellyn.   At the end of the bright, sunlit hallway is the check-in and waiting room, which smells deliciously of the baked goods that line the shelves in the […]